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Cloud Computing

On this age of Cloud and its allied services, the space that every business enterprises are looking at the cloud platform is different. A Goldman Sachs report shows a 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2013 through 2018 compared with 5% growth for overall enterprise IT, giving rise to swift-cloud service adoption. Whether you may be searching for SaaS, IaaS or PaaS expert predictions point to fast cloud workload growth or an increased percentage of total IT budget going toward cloud computing. EDCS’ suite of cloud service offerings helps facilitate and enhance the productivity of our clients.

Why Clients Prefer Our Cloud Services

EDCS works with various leading cloud platforms such as Oracle Cloud, Azure and Amazon Web Services Cloud,etc. Also, with different models like Public, Private and Hybrid clouds across lifecycle to help our customers to benefit from cloud investments.

Our extensive suite of cloud services offers growth, maintenance and migration for Fortune 500 companies who require customized solutions and packages to meet varying needs.

Our services include:

Cloud Advisory Services
  • Assess readiness to adopt cloud
  • Define strategy and transformation plan
  • Develop application architecture for cloud
  • Design on-going operation and service management
Cloud Implementation Services
  • Cloud System architecting
  • Provisioning and installation of cloud products
  • Implementation Enterprise cloud application and product features
  • Develop and deploy Extensions/Integrations/interfaces
  • Validation and user support for testing
  • Setting up backup, recovery mechanisms and monitoring tools
  • User training and transition to operation
Cloud Migration Services
  • Assess migration of in-house application to cloud
  • Define migration roadmap and least downtime planning
  • Migration of application and data to cloud by lift and shift methods
  • Testing of migrated applications for functionality and performance
  • Transition to operations management
Cloud Operations Management Services
  • Application management, user support and training
  • Provisioning of cloud services and administration
  • Proactive maintenance and periodic patching
  • Backup, recovery/disaster recovery and security management
  • Application enhancements and deployments
  • Coordination with cloud service provider and users
  • Services management, governance and reporting
  • Continuous improvements through analytical assessment