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naxevatechServices Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Imagine your virtual presence at fashion shows, concerts, or any place of your choice! We make it happen for you. Technology is transforming the way we work, entertain, educate, communicate, and organize our life and it is also transforming the way we experience opportunities and possibilities thanks to reality technologies. 

Naxeva tech offer augmented reality services with high-quality 3D modelling tools and with the latest and robust AR platforms. 

As we continually innovate our AR projects with the latest software framework and technology available. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a cutting-edge concept or an enterprise seeking to leverage AR advertising, our in-house art team will create an augmented reality solution for you.

Why Us?

AR blends the real world with computer graphics and is now viewed as a potential game-changer to provide immersive experiences. 

  • We focus on innovatively engaging the on-the-go client with AR applications. 
  • Our team comprises tech-savvy professionals, eager to explore the endless possibilities of AR technology within the realms of education, experiential marketing, manufacturing, publishing, automotive, healthcare, etc.  
  • Some of the compelling benefits that our AR apps offer are annotation of real-time images of physical objects, location-based technology, dynamic visual cues in staging experiences, and customizable preferences; all of which lead to an increase in use cases for consumers. 
  • Our goal is to design & develop apps and websites that totally emphasize the wants of our clients.

Our Process:


Our team of skilled and professionals works dedicatedly with you to understand the problem you are trying to solve. And it involves a lot of research and iterative user testing.


Our app development team works closely with our clients to create an elegant and best design incorporated the best UI/UX practices and trends. And a lot of user testing is involved in it.


With our agile methodology, you will get iterative builds every two weeks that gives you ample time to test them out and make adjustments.

Types of AR

Location-based AR

Our location-based AR apps optimally use the device’s GPS, accelerometer, and compass to accurately pinpoint the location.

Marker-based AR

Pertains to the use of image recognition to identify visual markers on physical objects.

Superimposition-based AR

Advanced AR apps that use object recognition to totally replace existing views of the object with augmented views.

Benefits of AR Application Development

Customer experience  Use AR technology to deliver interactive and engaging customer experiences to increase sales and brand loyalty. Our AR team can design overlays that can let your customers view product colours, sizes, and features at the press of a button. 

Manufacturing and repairs  Simplify your assembly and maintenance processes with accessible interactive digital content. Use AR overlays to visually illustrate the assembly and troubleshooting process. 

Education  Upgrade learning and development modules with enriched, interactive apps that present digital content in unique ways. 

Marketing  Reach out to your customers with AR-based promotional apps; enhance ads and catalogues with embedded digital content, videos, and more. 


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